When it began

Reema’s passions began at the age of 5, learning traditional Indian folk dance including Raas and Garba from renowned Satish Shah. She attended a weekend drama school in North West London where she grew in confidence, learning communication techniques which helped shape her character and personality. Reema completed her schooling and a degree in Physiotherapy although never dismissed an opportunity to dance and perform. From 2014, as a favour to friends and family, Reema started choreographing and teaching wedding performances and since, has built a portfolio of choreography for first dances (fusion and western), flashmobs, group wedding performances, parent and inlaws dance, Bollywood and fusion dances and Raas and Garba performances.

Her love for teaching, dance and performing grew stronger and Dance With Reema was born in 2018. Reema’s expertise in human movement as a physiotherapist lends itself to her love for dance, understanding how the body moves, how to treat and train it. A useful tool to help rehabilitate clients through dance.

In 2018, Reema also became a member of Spotlight, the platform for casting actors and performers. Another opportunity to shine as a performer, this time in acting. You can view her Spotlight profile here.

Dance With Reema

Dance With Reema is a platform to encourage creativity, expression and happiness through the best way Reema knows how…dance! We have been dancing for decades, for storytelling, communication and celebration. Reema sees this expression and wishes to celebrate through her form of dance with you.

Whether you want a grand wedding entrance, a flashmob family dance, or a professional performance, Reema will tailor the performance to your needs. Nothing seems out of her reach. Reema is professional in all aspects and believes in hiring professional dancers alongside her to engage her audience.

She communicates effectively and efficiently with each client from the date of enquiry to the date of performance, ensuring their specific needs are met. She endeavours to fulfill clients’ requests, maintaining high professional standards within the timeline provided. Head to her services page to find out more.